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Float + Spa - A Symphony of Relaxation.

Float + Spa Experience

Experience serenity in West Palm Beach, Florida at Float + Spa

Pro Accessories

Every accessory we offer is more than just an addition; it's an experience, a testament to Float Pod's commitment to unparalleled innovation.


Temperature & Humidity

Rest Temp/Humidity Sensor: Optimize your environment with the Rest Temp/Humidity Sensor. Real-time data for temperature and humidity, ensuring comfortable living conditions.


Pro Security

Rest RTM Advanced technology ensures the safety of your loved ones and valuables.

Float + Spa Oasis Rooms


Sauna for Relaxation and Detoxification

Enjoy our Oasis Suites before or after your float session or book a private sauna session. The Sauna does provide users a way to detoxify. It helps with hangovers, migraines and gives you a natural boost before or after your float.


Feel Refreshed in our Post Float Room

Enjoy our Oasis Suites before or after your float session or book a private Sound Table session and feel refreshed. You want to spend at least 15- 30 minutes in here before venturing back out into traffic. The float can be energizing for some, but can also make you sleepy if detoxing takes effect. If you get nauseous during the Float, get out of the Pod, come in here and grab some water. If you are feeling unwell it could be a good sign, but we will hook you up with the sound therapy table to get rid of the nausea at no charge.


Float Pod®'s & Pool for Rest and Recovery

Rest in one of our state of the art Float Pods or Pool. Because your pod suite is locked and private, this gives you the option of floating with your Pod door open or closed, it is totally under your control. The door may be closed using the handle on the inside. Pushing up lightly from the inside will open the door. If you are claustrophobic or find it difficult to breathe, the air is very humid, you may leave the lid cracked open a bit (show them the sticking points) or propped open with a towel. You head will go on the far side of the pod

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